Monday, May 14, 2012

It's Show Time!

Our local show is held on the long weekend in May. This year, we hosted the Queensland State Merino Sheep Show as well and as it's also The Year of the Farmer, some sections of the show were adapted to fit better with that theme.
After storms around on the Thursday afternoon, we were blessed with glorious weather for the weekend...even the nights weren't too chilly. Out of necessity, I became head steward of the Arts and Crafts pavilion. I will admit, I thoroughly enjoy working in there and when working with judges, so much can be learned, but boy is it hard work. I spent 3 days in the pavilion prior to the show and while it took hours to classify everything, judge and then took no time at all to pull it all down. By Sunday night I was so exhausted that for the first time EVER I didn't enjoy the fireworks. 
Nathan and I did very well in the pavilion. I won the aggregate for scrapbooking and venerables, the Trophy for the Best Knitted Article, first prizes for photos and handicrafts and the Cultural Assoc Aggregate for highest points on the sections.
Nathan won the aggregate for photography in his age group, the aggregate for handicrafts in his age group, some first prizes for his artwork and the highest aggregate for boys in the pavilion. Next year he goes up to a different age group so the competition will be much stronger.
Martin and Nathan came home on the Sunday morning to get sheep for the mutton busters and was shocked and deeply saddened to find two dead dogs, Killer and Khloee. They must have picked up a 1080 bait put out the with wild dogs as we'd done an aerial bait on the previous Thursday. There were lots of tears throughout the day.

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