Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Cards

With all the wet weather and yesterday no electricity, I decided the most productive way to spend my time was making Christmas cards....yes they should have already been made!

I've never made an easel card before and found them quick and easy to make and they look so effective. Here are several I've made:

This last one is going to a very dear friend in Canada, who is having a really hard time. She always has lots of snow at this time of the year...lucky thing! She has told me of all the problems all that snow brings though.

I also have 4 more lengths of star bunting and 2 of Christmas tree bunting completed and ready to sell at next week's market.

Thanks for looking,

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Franjopani said...

Very nice - are you enjoying your little stint of papercrafting - it's way more relaxing than gardening you know (studies have shown) ditch the garden, let the weeds grow, paper crafting is way more fun hehehehe x joy