Saturday, December 17, 2011

Still cleaning up....

Our wet carpets have now been removed. We have to keep them until the assessor has been out. In one bedroom we found the ugliest lino...a brown with a crocodile skin style pattern and it was GLUED to a gray painted floor!!! OMG... what awful taste! Our bedroom has plain floor boards that have never been varnished or painted. We want to polish them instead of re-carpeting as no doubt the rain will blow in again.

Martin measured 480pts of rain at our cattle yards this morning. I think we had closer to that here as with the rain being almost horizontal, much of it would have missed the rain gauge.

This afternoon we went for a drive as some creeks are now crossable. We took the wet carpets to store in a shed at what we call the 'Old House' as that's where the previous homestead used to be. This is what we found:

And then when we got to the shed:

We figure the door had blown in, one partial wall is still standing, 2 have collapsed and the roof is a mangled mess all over the paddock! Amazing, very little actually blew out of the shed. Now we need somewhere to store all that gear, after sorting through it all first. That is an 'after shearing' job. We already have a shipping container lined up, just have to wait for it to be delivered.

I missed the Christmas markets last night which was a shame, but that's life when you live in the bush. They were a huge success with excellent crowds. At least I can keep my stock for next year and have plenty of time to add to it. Some of it I will take to the monthly markets.

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