Friday, December 23, 2011

Road Party

Last night we attended our road party. It was nice and close for us...about 10km. Early in the evening we were all watching a big storm build up and making a mental note of where our chairs and eskies were in case we all had to make a quick getaway. The all of a sudden the storm was gone and everyone was more relaxed. With all the rain we've been having added to us being near a creek, the mossies nearly ate us alive! Nothing plenty of repellant didn't solve. We were dressed in jeans and long sleeves too. As the last of us were packing up and heading home at about 11.30pm drops of rain began to fall but they didn't last long.

We only had a light shower of rain here and were still able to load wool at 5.30 this morning.

This is the little gift I made for a lovely friend. I have gone with a shabby chic look in pink/red.

Thanks for looking.

Merry Christmas.

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