Friday, December 30, 2011


Christmas is over for yet another year and hope you had a really lovely day. We most certainly did. This year I did a baked ham, a first for me, and we'll be doing it every year. It was absolutely scrumptious! I baked it Christmas morning, but in future will probably do it the afternoon before. Between opening gifts and calling or receiving calls from family and friends, I was having trouble getting the ham into the oven on time.

Mid afternoon Martin and I decide to go for a drive as there were still tow dams he hadn't been able to get to. They were also the two dams that were more likely to have sustained some damage. This is what we discovered at the East One mile dam....full to the brim.

But as you can see, the water had gone over the banks in several places.

Martin wants to get hold of a scraper to build up the banks and that should solve the problem. The backwater was full too and the wildlife is always incredible when that happens.

Then we headed off to Bore Paddock dam. We had a lot of trouble getting there and changed our route several times.

We certainly expect to find the tank in the dam though!!

On Boxing Day we went over to Mum's at Clermont and caught up with both of my sisters and their families and an aunt who I had't seen for quite a number of years. The kids had a wonderful time together.

I have started spending more time in the garden and getting their edges under control. The mornings and late evenings are beautiful and the perfect time to be outside. However, all of a sudden we realize it's 7.30pm and the sun is still up!!

Now we are looking forward to New Year's Eve...I wonder what 2012 will bring for us all?
Happy New Year to you all.

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