Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Almost Christmas

Yesterday Nathan and I ducked into town to do the last of our Christmas shopping while we had the chance and the weather was fine.

We have a really lovely little shop called Daisy Cottage and I can never come away from there empty handed (Martin can confirm that!). They had some really lovely Christmas decorations in stock and I like to buy one or two new ones every year. So I just had to drop in there and came away with these.

I had lunch there about 10 days ago with 2 very special friends and couldn't resist these little angels.

Don't you love Christmas?? I do ...everything about it...Christmas carols, the scrummy food, decorating the tree and the lounge room, putting up the lights, planning and making our road decoration, planning, buying and wrapping the gifts, making the Christmas cake and rum balls and marshmallow roll and apricot balls and....yep you get the idea.

Our Christmas celebrations begin when we attend the Christmas Tree Festival at our local church on the last Sunday in November. We share a sausage sizzle with friends, hear the Christmas story, sing lots of carols and are amazed at the beautiful Christmas trees.

This morning I made this little holder for a gift voucher. Nathan wasn't at all impressed that Santa isn't wearing a red suit.

I have one more little gift to make and hopefully deliver before Christmas. It's a combined birthday and Christmas gift. I promise to share it with you.

Merry Christmas


Franjopani said...

Now I want to know - if you brought the two angels when you had lunch with me and Lol was it us that inspired your purshase - because we are such angels!!!!! So if thats the case which one is which, am I peace or faith???
p.s. love the gift card holder

Kerry said...

Oh Joyous...you would have to be Faith and you know why!