Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ready for school

Yesterday Nathan painted some new canvases to hang in our schoolroom. He's really not into art and painting but was very keen to paint these.

Would you have picked this as being a spitfire? I certainly didn't but should have realized the red dots were the bullets being fired from the guns. I love the way he has painted the fumes coming from the back of the jet.

This pirate has just fired a sot from his pistol. (I will be only too happy when this almost 8 year old gets over his fascination with guns and all things involved with's amazing how a stick with a bend in one end can become a gun or a pistol!)

I love his underwater scene and I think it was a great touch to add the hull of a boat and the anchor and chain.

This is our schoolroom, clean and neat and tidy for the 2012 school year. We commence the new C2C National curriculum this year and it has brought about many changes in distance education. However all teachers, home tutors and students are in the same situation so we'll all be learning together.

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