Tuesday, January 24, 2012

School Resumes

Schools opened their doors in Queensland for all students yesterday.I now have a big Year 3 boy in the schoolroom. His teacher is new to the central west as well as distance education. We actually started school last week, as all going well, we'll be away next week.

The new C2C National curriculum begins this year too and this has seen many changes for classrooms across the country. For distance education, we have gone more digital. A laptop and USB stick now play a very important role in our schoolroom. We have received our first unit of work (now 5 weeks work instead of 2), but apparently that will soon stop and we'll only have the mistick. How things change!

There has been more rain over the weekend and today began heavily clouded, then clear sky and now more storms are rolling in from the west. Listening to the ABC, there are enormous amounts of rain in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast and some suburbs are preparing for evacuation. Hopefully nothing like last summer's rain will be experienced in the south east of our lovely state. Living on the land, we never take the rain for granted and NEVER wish it away. Out here, you can never have too much AND you never know when it will rain again.

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