Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Last night I went outside at about 7.30pm. In the north and east the skies were rumbling and there was a brilliant lightning display! I will admit that I was quietly happy it was over there and not here.
At about 9.30pm we could hear a storm rolling in from the west. We whizzed around disconnecting everything plugged into electricity...just incase. The rain began just after 10pm. Along with it came a fresh breeze, most welcome as it'd been very muggy and still prior to that. It's so nice to sit quietly and enjoy the sound of the rain on the roof and the smell of air that is just so fresh and clean.
This morning we measured 21.75mm (87pts)...not much compared to falls around our district. The creek that crosses the road on the way to town is on its way up and not doubt the river in town will be soon too.

This afternoon we watch this storm build up and wonder if it will cross the hills. Not hard to tell that it's summer when we receive most of our rain.....

PS This storm disappeared to the south.

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