Wednesday, January 11, 2012

So HOT!!

The heat we have been experiencing the last few days has been terrible but it was nothing like last Saturday. On that day it was 43 C in the waterbag in the shade AND to top it off we didn't have any electricity from 8.10am to 6.05pm!! At one stage Nathan became very distressed, not helped by the fact that he had a temperature. He was sent off for a cool shower and then we found some shade in the garden to relax in and enjoy a cold drink. Thank goodness for the little generator we have to. It alternated between running the coldroom and freezers in the butcher shop and then the fridge and freezer in the house.

Sunday saw it very hot again but late afternoon showers cooled it down for a bit and then it became very muggy.

Bright and early Monday morning our new garden/storage shed arrived....a 40ft shipping container painted both inside and out. Nev did very well to back in and avoid running over any of my fruit trees.

He was very worried about Martin pulling the container off the truck and was much happier when the doors were opened so they couldn't be damaged.

On the ground......

and in place. It's backed right up to the coldroom to shelter the back of it from the western sun and make it more efficient in the summer months.
Martin is also cutting another door into it up near the coldroom. I will use a small section for a garden shed...I'd like to see the wind blow this one away!....and the rest will be for storage to replace the old shed that blew away and also to store our sheep chemicals in.

That afternoon, I went into the school room, closed the door, turned the aircon on washed the walls and ceiling and had a big clean out in the cupboards, giving away a box full of craft stuff that was excess to our needs now that Nathan is in Year 3.

I had been spending alot of time in the garden doing all the garden edges, composting, fertilizing and mulching all the beds and whipper-snipping around the fence and all the trees. Thank goodness I had finished before the heat was cranked up. It's looking really lovely and not too heat stressed at all.

Thanks for looking and have a lovely day.

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