Thursday, January 7, 2010

Has the rain ended??

Would you believe we have not had any significant rain since 4.30pm yesterday? Just the odd little very light shower that wouldn't even register in the rain gauge.

Yesterday from 7am to 4.30pm it rained constantly...240 pts worth! It was perfect weather to listen to the cricket on the radio and create 6x6 pages for SCKC! We've now had 15 1/2 inches of rain since Christmas Day....this is almost up to our yearly average of 19 1/2 inches....not that we have been getting that too often in the last 10 years.

This afternoon we went for a walk up to the main road and then along it for about 1km. I was amazed to find that the back water of our house dam could be seen from the road...and it wasn't a matter of knowing which trees to look between. Nathan and the dogs loved playing in the water in the side drains and discovering tadpoles swimming between their feet. The grass has now taken on what I refer to as 'as indecent shade of green'...almost an emerald green. Looks magnificent!

The Barcoo River is now up over the bridge in town but not impassable. Obviously there has been less rain at the headwaters. The water from our creeks flows into the Barcoo below town so they do not have a dramatic effect but will hold the river up for longer.


lkamphuis said...

excellent - why the school holidays though???

phillipa said...

Kerry it's looking fantastic!