Sunday, January 3, 2010


Last night saw us get another heavy downpour of just over an inch of rain. It appears to have been our storm, one neighbour had 12pts and two others not a drop!

Late yesterday afternoon, we were able to go for a little drive around, but not far as creeks were still flooded.

Don't you love this colour? Years ago, I decided that while black may be the opposite of white, green is definitely the opposite of brown.

What a wonderful see sheep (in this case some of our rams) grazing in a green paddock.

This photo of the house dam was taken New Year's Eve. I know, not the best colour...but hey, it's water and it's full! At this stage we can't get to any of the other dams....hoping they look as good though!


Anonymous said...

Ohhh that is fantastic news ! Its looking so beautiful yahoo ! Nothig beats that green lush colour hey !! We are still waiting for a nice hit fingers crossed it will happen today it is so hot !!
xx Tina

Neek said...

what a lovely sight!!! You are very lucky to get all the rain.

Here - we have missed most of it. Friends -15kms away are 2.5 inches ahead of us - my Dad at Carinda is up to 14 inches and us? well we have only had 270 points!!!! However it is nice to see green in the paddocks!!!