Friday, January 8, 2010

Mud, water and more mud!

Today was dry enough to go for a bit of a drive around, as long as we stayed on the roads....well sort of. We headed down to the Washpool to see if it was crossable as we had a pump on the other side that we were worried about. We got to the Washpool to find a big silt bank across the middle of the waterhole and then when we were coming home...we got bogged....well Martin calls it 'a bit stuck'. Yeh right...we weren't going anywhere! With the help of branches and some hay (from the bale on the back of the vehicle) we eventually got out.

Martin went back in the loader after lunch and was able to remove the silt bank.

At the pump shed, we found that the while the water had gone through the shed (see the high tide mark on the wall and the mud and sludge on the floor) the pump went underwater but the motor didn' that was a big relief.

When returning home, our neighbour called needing help as she was bogged. The girls had gone driving and checking on waters and flood damage, when they went off the track and into the soft soil that covered their poly pipe line. They really were bogged and took a bit of pulling out!

What fun in the mud!

More snapshots of grass, water and putting out hay for the lambs.

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Lea said...

Wow, a boggy day all round.:>
The country is looking nice and green. Lovely to see :>