Friday, January 15, 2010

Still no mail

Would you believe we are yet to get a mail run this year? The last time we had a mail run was just before New Year!! We were sure we'd get a mail run this last Wednesday, but because the council still had our road closed (yep high and dry but a few nasty washouts), it couldn't happen as our mail contractor wouldn't have been covered by insurance if they'd damaged their vehicle. The council started grading our road on Wednesday; just a light grade as it's too wet underneath to do more. Today is mail day again...this time our neighbours on the town side had 80 pts of rain last night! So no mail again. Maybe next Wednesday.....

We were surrounded by storms but only 22pts here....not that it hasn't made it rather wet! There was the whole shebang, thunder, lightning and galeforce winds. We were hoping to truck our wool out this arvo. Shall have to see what the day brings and how quickly Nev can unload what he brought back from Brisbane and Toowoomba.

We got out to the last of our dams yesterday. Look good hey?

Here's one of Martin and his pup walking back to the Nissan. You can hardly see Killer in the grass and he's not a little pup.

Nathan, the pups and I walked home from the grid and the rams were grazing not far from us. Check out the big thunderheads in the sky behind them!


Neek said...

no mail!! Oh my I would die! I would be hasseling my local PO when I went to town! LOL....

Loving your photos!!! Looks so good.

Lea said...

You can hardly even see Killer (I'm still not sure about that name Marto) in that beautiful green grass. Your country isn't looking too shabby atm :>
WHen you do finally get mail hopefully it will have something more interesting than bills :>