Monday, January 25, 2010

Odds and sods

Today we began Year 1 ...with a bang!! There was no easing in for a week or so, just straight into work with a touch of revision. Having a handwriting book came as a big shock to my little Dude...he's a 'near enough is good enough' kinda kid and I'm a 'always do your best and be proud of your effort" kinda our year will prove interesting. This morning on notices, we learnt who our teacher is but are yet to chat with her on the phone. She's new to LSODE but not to the bush, so I daresay it will take her no time at all to settle in.

Here's a little something we did today:

Martin and Robert began building our coldroom today. We bought panels in Brisbane last year so it's a big jigsaw to put together. With Rob's experience, it's been made easier. Soon we'll be able to stock it!! How exciting, hmmmm and expensive.

Yesterday afternoon I went down to Washpool waterhole and took these:

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