Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Drive about

This afternoon we went drive about, figuring it was possibly dry enough. We headed off to check out one dam that we were worried about as last time we'd had big rain part of one bank washed away. Sure enough there was more damage, with a big hole in one bank and we could also see where the backwater had washed over the bank and into the dam, causing more damage. This dam really needs all four banks building up with a scrapper.

The birdlife at this dam is always magnificent and this time wasn't any different. As we approached the backwater this big fella took to the sky:

I'm sharing this photo, simply because I love it.

We could have easily been bogged driving to this dam, so we gave up any thoughts of going to others. Instead we went to check the Hope Creek crossing further down our road as we'd heard it was badly damaged. Three big concrete slabs were washed off this crossing and one was even turned upside down! Just goes to show you should never underestimate the power of water!

It's still crossable but only in a 4WD and at a very slow pace.

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