Wednesday, December 22, 2010


For the road party we were able to turn on a beautiful sunset, a lunar eclipse, no mozzies, no storms and a cool evening! It was so relaxing and we enjoyed wonderful company. As one guest said "This may not be the biggest road party we've been to, but it's by far the most relaxing."

I've been receiving Day of Christmas Giveaways emails daily from Bluedog Photography for the last 10 days. Each day there is a little challenge, all photography related of course. Well guess what!!?? I won the 9th Day of Christmas Challenge!! Woohoo...I am absolutely stoked!! My prize is a night for 2 at Cedar Creek Lodges at Mt Tamborine. Now when will I take it and who shall I take with me, hmmm?

The river in town is still over the bridge (1.38m over the bridge and steady at 8am) and the creek on the way is still way too deep to cross. More rain is forecast for today and tomorrow. We've told Nathan that if we don't get any mail this week (I know he has at least 2 Christmas presents in the mail) he will have a longer Christmas. We really need that mail though as his Santa present is in there too! Fingers crossed....


Franjopani said...

Is that a competition? The first to comment wins - is that it??? Did I win? Do I get to go to the mountians with you hehehehehe

Neek said...

oh tell me about the mail!! I am waiting on a parcel that a certain jolly man is meant to pick up and issue - and only 2 mail days left - I am not liking my chances!!