Saturday, December 11, 2010

Just when...

the sun shines, in comes more rain! Last night we measured 87pts (21.75mm) and we have learnt of heavier rain (up to 6 inches - 150mm) towards the head of our local wonder the water is already over the bridge in town!!

We had hoped to go to town this morning to replenish supplies and be ready for the next onslaught, but the rain beat us to it. Two creeks between us and town have been flooding, making everyone stay put. The sky is heavily clouded and we've had some light showers this morning.

Yesterday afternoon I started this layout

I don't have a head for heights and must admit I wasn't too sure on going on the Wheel of Brisbane...but it was just magic and the view was amazing! We'd all do it again anyday!

I helped Nathan make this for his Dad for Christmas. He chose papers, embellishments and did some sanding.

He was worried about Martin walking in and seeing it, and as kids do, he said too much... "Go away from here Dad, Mum and I are doing something secret."

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