Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Road Party

The river in town is up (it was 1.7m over the bridge at 3am) and one creek on our road was at 0.9m at about 8am this morning but going down and more rain is forecast from tomorrow......so we are having the road party tonight. YAY!!! I have been busy cooking and Martin has dragged an old grid up and smoothed down the area. He's currently up there sorting out lights, generators, tables etc.

Yesterday I made this:

I was going to give it away but one thing has stopped me...the ribbon! Yeah, yeah...so you think it's only ribbon!! BUT that is the last of the ribbon I have from my bridal bouquet, so it's very special to me.


Franjopani said...

Just lovely - and you have to keep it, what a lovely way to remember your wedding day

Lea said...

Beautiful Ker, it is definately a keeper!! :>
Have fun at your road party, I hope the weather holds off for you xx