Thursday, December 16, 2010

Road Decoration

Yesterday a lad and I got in and prepared our road decoration for our turn-off. We should have done it a couple of weeks ago but's been raining!! Santa looks a cool dude lounging in the pool don't you think?? Totally relaxed and enjoying the sun....he just needs a bottle of wine or a beer!

Yesterday afternoon we went drive about again to check a couple of dams....BAD idea!!! We didn't have a hope at getting to either of them, so we came crawling home with our tail between our legs...

Nathan was perishing for a drink and said he couldn't last till we got home so we called in here

A beautiful spot.

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Lea said...

You guys have been very busy haven't you!!! and what beautiful photos. Your country is looking glorious. Shame about the damage to the dam :<