Thursday, January 8, 2009

Another busy day

Today it's lightly clouded and not promising rain. It is keeping the temperature down though, which is very much appreciated. Shearing is progressing well.

We spent a most of the morning down at the yards drafting another mob of ewes and lambs. Poor Nathan was barrelled by a big ewe. She gave him a hell of a fright. Fortunately there's only a little red mark on his chin.

Adam spotted a baby bearded dragon in a clump of buffel. Nathan and I were wondering what he was doing when finally he stood up and showed off the lizard...from his nose to the tip of his tail he was about 4 inches long! He sat very placidly on Adam's hand and then happily transferred to Nathan's.

Nathan has gone back down to the shed with the men. My help is not needed, giving me time to do a few things around here.

I have spent quite a bit of time in the garden(?), well I'm working on one, and pulling the weeds out from between the blocks of turf. We are really pleased with the way it's growing. This photo was taken just prior to Christmas.

Which is a marked improvement from this:

The front alcove looked like this:

But now looks like this:
It's a lovely cool area to sit and relax in. We have removed all the curtains from the front and back of the lounge room and brought the outside in, making it look not only more spacious but more relaxing and inviting.

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Lea said...

Kerry your place is looking amazing. I am glad that shearing is going well. Poor Nathan