Friday, January 2, 2009

The Winner is Announced

While the local regional council sponsors the Christmas lights competition in town, our local paper The Barcoo Independent sponsors a Christmas road sign competition for those living out of town.
The winner was recently announced:

It certainly has the "WOW!" factor, don't you think.

Ours looked great by night. We had fibre optic lights on it that were turned on each night and they could be seen for quite a distance.

but rather ordinary by day, especially when the tinsel faded within 4 days!

We already have plans to improve on it for Christmas 2009!


Wendy said...

Darracourt's entry is fantastic! I still reckon yours is excellent too!!

Neek said...

I think yours is fantastic! :)

My Dad lives @ Carinda and they have a comp and we just love going up there around Xmas to see the entries! They are always fabbo!

Would love to know how you made that tree! My kids would love to do something like that - however it would have to go on the main road to be seen! :)