Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Our Schoolroom

Yesterday at 8am I sat down to listen to morning notices from LSODE, for the first time in many years! But how odd it was to dial in and not just turn the radio on! We have to dial in, put in a password and then put in a pin for the studio we are connecting to. The children use headphones during their phone lesson and when they want to call in, they push a little button (push to talk button). Nathan has practised this a few times and handles it well. The greatest advantage is that I can also hear what the teacher and other children say as the speakerphone is on too.

This is our schoolroom. It was once pink, but we soon painted it 2 beautiful shades of blue. You can see Nathan's desk and some canvases he helped to create to brighten the walls.

This is another corner of his room. The big cupboard stores alot of art and craft items as well as a massive collection of boxes and containers for construction activities. You can also see where I do my scrapbooking. It's a well lit, airy little area with everything close at hand. Another large cupboard in the other corner, is home to all of my scrapping stash.

This room has been a hive of activity this week as Nathan has been so keen to do school and write.

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Wendy said...

Wow!! You have the room really well set up. Love the blues.