Monday, January 12, 2009

Photography Challenge

Week 2 for the Summer photography challenge was uploaded this morning on Scrap Boutique.

I will have fun playing with my camera for this one!

To focus or not to focus.

When taking photos, it's great to have your subject in focus. To have the background a bit blurry can give you even more of a sense of depth in your photo though.
This week we are going to focus on depth...

A quick explanation about blurry and non blurry backgrounds.
We are going to use the apperture on our camera to create some depth this week.

Aperture is the "hole" where the light comes through in your lens. The larger the hole the more light and the more of your photo is sharp. The smaller the hole the less light comes in and not as much of your photo will be in focus.

Now a bit for the (D) SLR. Keep your camera on Automatic mode. When you turn your dial on your camera to the A or Av you are going to play with the apperture only. The camera takes care of the rest

The aperture is meassured in F-stops. The higher the F-stop number the more will be in focus, the lower the less will be in focus (in other words, you can create nice blurry background.

Set your camera on the lowest F-stop, take your camera outside (the light is better and the photo will be better too) and focus on an object nearby. Take a photo. Now set it on a higher F-stop and take another photo from the same position. The second photo will have everything much more in focus than the first one. Have a play around and upload your photos to your computer and look at the difference.
This really takes a bit of practice, don't give up straight away.

If you don't have an(D) SLR, no problemo. You can use your portrait setting or even your macro setting for this one. Have a play around. Just make sure you focus on an object nearby.

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