Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Week Three Challenge

Manon has uploaded the week 3 photography challenge at Scrap Boutique.

The Rule of Thirds
The most used rule in photography. Basically the rule of thirds makes the photo more pleasing to the eye. Once you have mastered the rule go ahead and break it, but for this week we'll work on this.

When you work with the rule of thirds you divide your frame (what you see through the lens) into 9 equal pieces...

Now the little intersections in the middle are areas where you want to have your focal point. The top line is, in portrait photo's, a great line to get the eyes on.

This also works for landscapes. In landscapes you divide your picture in three layer.

Here's just one of our photos following this rule.


Neek said...

What a FANTASTIC photo! I love photography challenges - may have to check it out! :)

lindy said...

Love your pic
great rule to follow
good luck Kerry with the comp