Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Shearing finally got underway today....thank goodness. Flossie (the cook) got out of town and remembered she hadn't bought any chips or lollies for Nathan, so she's made him a donut chocolate cake. Flossie is such a sweetie and always has something just for a little dude. Talk about a spoilt lad!

As usual, there was one hiccough...the fellows went back to the shed after lunch and discovered that the fuse on the pole at the shed had dropped out. Hence no power! The local Ergon fellows were in Jericho so didn't get here till about 4.30pm. A new transformer was needed and fortunately one of the crews brought one out just incase.


Kylie said...

Where do I find my own Flossie?? I want a chocolate donut cake:0) Hope the power is all sorted.

Kerry said...

You and me both Kylie.