Thursday, January 22, 2009

Busy Morning

It was a case of being up early this morning to load 132 bales of wool. I am not keen on heights and was less than impressed when I had to climb up onto 4 tiers of wool bales. Mind you, the view from that height made me wish a camera was in my pocket! BUT there was no way in the world I was climbing onto 3 tiers of soft bales, especially when the bales at the bottom were very soft, resulting in quite a lean happening.

Then straight after, we mustered the wether weaners. They have been sold and we'll truck 1 800 of the little houdinis to Deniliquin. This was my first mustering experience on my quad bike....everyone else seemed to have to ride it during shearing! Martin is going to put a horn on it, as otherwise I'm almost on top of the sheep before they realize I'm there.

The weaners need to be off water for 24hrs before being loaded, so they'll be yarded tomorrow morning.


Wendy said...

Great to hear that you were able to sell off the wethers. You must be tired after all that loading and mustering! You go girl !!!!

Neek said...

That is a long way to go for the sheep!!