Monday, January 26, 2009

Started Prep

Today my littlest man started Prep. Distance Education papers are worked on 5 day weeks, so when there's a public holiday or a day in town, that schoolwork needs to be made up. Nathan is going to school in town on Friday so we started today, knowing we had to make up a day. He was so keen to 'do school' that we did 2 days today!! We collected, coloured, counted, read and wrote. He wrote his name beautifully and afterwards commented that it was 'splendid writing'! How could I not agree!!

Then this afternoon he had a little accident and required a couple of stitches to the back of his head. They should come out next Monday. We came through a storm coming home and slipped and slithered most of the way to discover the storm had come this far...we measure 45pts making our total for the day 54pts! Almost an inch and a half up at our cattleyards though, which we are very excited about!

Tonight I was able to complete the last challenge for the Scrap Boutique cybercrop...the Sunday Roast. Once I selected my photos, choosing the right papers was easy!

Thanks Manon for agreat challenge.


Ness said...

Congratulations Nathan on completing 2 days school in 1 day, well done and I love your writing, you've done very well.

Sorry to hear Nathan had an accident and needed stitches, hope he's ok and mends quickly.

Love your layout Kerry

lindy said...

Hope Nathan is ok, bet he loved the school he was so excited

Neek said...

Hope it wasn't anything too serious!! :)

What fabbo writing! Well done! I admire those that do DE or homeschooling. I am thankful I have a bus 4kms away!