Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Another Layout

I have been scrapping my little heart out lately and having sooo much fun!! Here is my layout for the week 3 photographic challenge at Scrap Boutique.

Week 4, the final challenge was posted yesterday.

My child has developed a "photo smile". Not the best looks let me tell you and obviously not real.

I am not a big fan of the "look at mummy and smile" photos. I prefer to capture children (or adults) when they don't realise I'm taking a photo of them. I feel that you can capture more of their personality that way.

The trick to do this is to move away from the subject you want to take a photo of. If you have a telelens use it, if not, just use your normal lens, move far away from your subject and zoom in. It works best when there is plenty of light (outside) and you don't have to use the flash (for obvious reasons).

Have a go at it and see if you can capture some of your child's, friends or relative's personality.


Wendy said...

That layout is awesome Kerry!!!!!!!

lindy said...

love this one Kerry